Women Need to Know…

DSC00807 (2)I know it’s Saturday, which is never the best day to post, but this is something women need to know. I was thinking about writing it last night but that didn’t happen. Then, this morning on FB I read a woman’s post about what she was teaching her daughter and it was inspiring.

The best thing she said was, “I don’t have to be beautiful like you because I’m beautiful like me.” The girl’s name is Brittney Johnson. Apparently, this post went viral. And, frankly, it should have.

But, that wasn’t my main idea for this piece. Yet, when I read it, I knew it needed to be included. Women do need to know that they don’t have to be beautiful like someone else, they are beautiful for who they are because God created them in His image and values them more than anyone else they know or will ever meet.

So, here’s the real catalyst…it’s been an interesting week. I had a beautiful stranger walk in the shop and share with me how my book had impacted her life. Her tears forced me to hug her. She stayed for an hour talking to me about the things she was enduring. And then she looked at me and asked, “Have you always had such a big heart?”

I almost cackled.coffee heart

How many times of late have “church” women accused me of being unloving? And here a perfect stranger wonders if I’ve always loved the way I am loving her at that moment? It’s just proof that people see and believe what they want to without ever taking the time to invest in knowing one another.

Rewind, I met a woman about a year ago now (I guess) and her first comments to me were in reference to the fact that she was intimidated by my intellect. She focused on how her lack of “formal” education made her afraid to engage.

Fast forward, this same woman, whom I have had both the thrill and honor to get to know, would stand out to me as one of the brightest women I’ve ever met. In fact, I told her, just yesterday, “You are a well built upon a spring, always something new and fresh rises up.”

The depth of her personage and expanse of her knowledge sphere regularly impresses me. In fact, there are times I have to admit she is certainly paces beyond me (don’t tell her I told you so).

Punk Princess: Brunn Hilda
Punk Princess: Brunn Hilda

Two women, very different storylines, very different places in my heart and life and yet, both so beautiful and valuable.

But something is broken in women.

Something is very wrong.

We have been convinced by the world that our value is based upon the way other people have treated us over the course of our lives. That our intellect, beauty, and worth are wrapped up in media, history, and various abuses.

Women need to know that they are so much more than what heinous people say.

In truth, I have a lot to say to women about this. I have a lot to say because I have believed a lot of lies (as I’m sure you have).

But, I know the truth and that truth will set you free indeed.

You are a princess.Landscape

You are a daughter of the King (so long as Christ resides within you). And that means you are more beautiful than diamonds and worth more than gold.

Since man determines the value and desirability of both in today’s market, understand that your position in the King’s kingdom, at the King’s table, in the palm of His hand, does not fluctuate.

You are worthy and costly and good enough simply because He says you are.

Because He cannot and does not lie, anything that tells you otherwise comes from the devil (and he’s defeated- so put him back in his place).  This is what women need to know.


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