Without Approval and Appointment

Read Job 37:5

What imagery! God thundereth (7481) râ’am, “tumbles, violently agitates, crashes like thunder and irritates with anger,” marvelously (6381) pâlâ’ in order to “separate, perhaps distinguish, to cause something to be great, difficult, wonderful.” Seems to me He’s making His voice, will and actions distinct. He’s making them earth and soul shattering. I’ve told people that He yelled at me to return to Him and I stand fast on that description because He certainly thundered marvelously, “Stop. Go. No. Further,” within me. It was both a command and a warning. I wonder if you’ve ever experienced His agitation tumbling within your being, and what then you’ve done with it. Don’t be deceived, He can, will, and does, stir you up from within so that you’ll do His will from without. There’s more to this verse than the intensity of our King and He’s certainly intense. That marvelously word encompasses the good and the bad. Yes, I know some people get riled up about bad coming from God but since we’re in Job let me direct you to 2:10. There’s not a single marvelous (great, difficult, wonderful) thing that happens in your life that hasn’t been filtered through the hands of the King. Pain, loss, joy, gain, cannot touch His children without approval and appointment. Understand, right now, that you won’t always (mostly never) comprehend why or what for, but that’s not your job anyway. Instead, embrace Job’s stance in 1:20-22. Praise Him in all things. He deserves it even when we don’t feel like it.

Father, I understand that You give and take away, that You orchestrate the whole of my life. Help me trust You and rest in You. I ask this in Jesus’ Name, praising You regardless. Amen.

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