Transparency- Warning: Ouch Approaching

18225825543_9206eda684_oMight as well be a four letter word, transparency. It reeks of danger and too close for comfort access. It screams “Warning: Ouch Approaching.” I don’t like it one bit because it means someone else has the ability to see those things in me that I feel are better left covered. Yet, as I struggle to move forward in obedience, the writing of this next book, I find that transparency is a necessity.

I had a friend tell me, today, that transparency is great. However, when I asked her when she would be equally transparent, she informed me she wasn’t ready for that. So it would appear, that people like transparency only if they aren’t the ones being see-thru.

Jesus was see-thru. He told people exactly who He was and what it would take to be His friend. Yet, the rest of us are really quick to hide our motivations, hopes, desires, expectations, etc. And, interestingly enough, we say we want to be like Him. It amazes me how much we lie to ourselves. Do we really want to be as transparent as Jesus? Do we want other people to know why we are here and what we actually care about? I suspect not.

I am tired of feeling less than. I am tired of believing that I am unloveable and not good enough. God open bibledoesn’t tell me those things. His Word reveals how precious I am in His sight and yet I have allowed the enemy’s lies to infiltrate to my core. I need this transparency, but as I said previously, I don’t like it one bit. I wonder, though, if there are other people who are willing to look deep inside and say, “Here I am, raw and wounded, but Jesus loves me, and this pain, this heartache, allows me to love you.”

Believe it or not, all those ouches you are afraid to reveal are there for the purpose of someone else’s comfort. Yes, you have endured your pain for the benefit of others and if you are unwilling to share that with them, then you are not fulfilling the purpose you were designed for. The Bible says we comfort as we have been comforted.

Flickr- Julia- Jen Scar
Flickr- Julia- Jen Scar

If you have hurt, at some point there has been comfort in the arms of the One who hung, arms wide, on the cross, in your place. He wants you to give that comfort to those around you who hurt too. But, you can’t do that until you are willing to reveal your wounds, expose your scars. These are the things I am writing about in my book. It is time we get past the hurt and try to heal each other. The Body is strongest when the scars don’t hide infection, but seal our healed wounds.

Are you ready to reveal those wounds and let real transparency, and true healing begin?

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