Too Late

Read Hebrews 9:28

I’m sure we could hop on some theological end-times, rapture (which isn’t a word found in the Bible) based discussion but truly it’d do us little good and James has plenty of warnings therein. That all covered, I want you to note that when Jesus comes the second time, it’s for His children, those who are eagerly awaiting their adoption as sons/daughters into His Kingdom. He’s not going to come back and say, “Ok, last call, last chance, come here you doubting-Thomas’ and check these hands out.” No, it will be too late.

When He returns, game over, you’re His or you’re not and He knows the difference. You can’t finagle your way in; you can’t look-at-all-I-did-in-Your-Name, negotiate.  No. Either you know Him in a real tangible, intimate way and will therefore spend your eternity praising His marvelous Name, or you’ll spend ETERNITY without Him, without Light, without Love, without good; in utter torment where there’s weeping and gnashing of teeth. Don’t let so-called teachers/pastors/leaders sugar-coat it for you. You’re His or you’re NOT, period. Find out before you meet Him face-to-face!

Father, open ears, hearts, lives, to the need for Your salvation. In Christ’ Name we pray. Amen!


  1. Thank you sister. Very eloquently put, as usual. What I love most in Revelations/end times, is where He tells us that all will be made NEW (my paraphrase)! Halelujah!
    Bro Tony

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