The Wonder has Left us

Read Galatians 1:4

Go ahead and read 1-5. It’s real easy to breeze right on past that intro. Paul wishes grace and peace to almost everyone he writes a letter to (but that’s a study for another day). He ensures his readers that his position is not one established by men but by Christ, Himself. Then he tells you who Jesus is and what He did. No biggie, right? Jesus died for our sins to: rescue/deliver us from this evil world as it was God’s will and will bring Him glory. Again, no biggie, right? Except that word deliver has been lost on us in the midst of Christian-ese and failure to study. It’s the Greek (1807) ĕxairĕō meaning: “to tear out, to select, to release.” I read that and thought, wow! Jesus died to tear us out of satan’s hands, to rip us away from hell’s claws! He died to select us as His children. He died to release us from the bondage of sin and death. His death was powerful and its purpose was intense. We’ve become so jaded to the Scripture that the wonder has left us. Whenever I read a word I think I understand fully, I look it up (usually the verbs) and sometimes it means what I expect, but a lot of times they smack me in the face with new awe of what Jesus did for me and you. This was a covert operation, only God’s not trying to hide His involvement.

Father, thank You, thank You, for tearing me out of this world. Enable me to make You proud. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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