The Weaker Our Walk, the Weaker Our Will

I texted, the weaker our walk, the weaker our will, to a friend today and realized just how poignant that thought was. So much so I determined that it was something that perhaps the readers of this site needed to be reminded of as well.

I can admit to you that when I was involved in a church that had no spiritual stimulation for me I beganthe-roaming-platypus-559386-unsplash to see past sins wanting to creep in. I was not being fed in church, as a result my desire for spiritual things began to wane as well. Thereby, I did not take the time nor the initiative to feed myself on His Word. And, as my spiritual life became starved and dehydrated so did my will to avoid temptations.

Maybe you have noticed this phenomenon in your own life. The less time you spend in His Word, in prayer, in praise, in contemplation of what it means to live a holy life, the easier it is to make choices that the world would applaud. Surely the world has no problem with your use of profanity, explosive bouts of anger, sexual immorality, etc. But the Lover of your soul very much does.

However, when we are detached from His love, His correction, His direction, then it is very easy to get dikaseva-34881-unsplashlost in the tangly undergrowth the world presents as distractors and deterrents from the narrow path that leads to His life and light within us. Our hearts become calloused and cold allowing us to feel numb in the midst of sin. We are oblivious to the nails being driven into His hands as we choose to remain bitter, curse out a neighbor, focus on our love of money, sleep with an ex, get drunk at a party, etc.

What then is to be done about this devastating spiritual condition? For me, it meant leaving a church that was no longer beneficial to me (and where I was no longer beneficial either). It meant involving myself in a new church where I would regularly hear the Word of God on a deeper level, where people would challenge me to know where I was in my walk, and where even the pastor would extend an interest in my current spiritual knowledge as well as my continued growth therein.

It also meant returning to devotion writing which forced me to focus on the Word on a regular basis. It made me digest the small bits of meat rather than simply suckle some milk every now and then when I happened to have the time. And, as an added bit of accountability, a friend asked that I send her the devotions daily. While I do not always adhere to this request, it does make me more cognizant of my need to continue writing them as I know she desires them. john-salzarulo-27839-unsplash

Accountability as we walk and grow in the Lord is essential to keeping us on the path that leads to righteousness. When we choose to alienate ourselves from the Body it is hard to stick to our walk with tenacity and consistency. It’s easy to let life slip into the cracks that cement us to the Cross. And, once disconnected, even a little bit, our wills fail and we find ourselves drunk in a bathroom stall or naked next to an ex. Sin is a forceful foe, but it is readily weakened with Faith as we walk continuously in His Word.

My suggestions then to you are that you find someone who can hold you accountable for your spiritual growth and well-being. Discuss your areas of weakness and struggle with trusted, believing friends (sin grows best in the dark- bring it to light). And, most importantly, read the Word, daily! Don’t put it off or expect the pastor of your church to be your only source of spiritual nutrients. Your walk, which strengthens your will, depends on you!


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Feature Photo by Manan Chhabra on Unsplash – Bad Habits

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  1. You are Absolutely correct. I can’t say much more than that because you said it all. Thank you so much for always sharing truth.

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