The Way Others See Me

***Disclaimer, this piece is several years old***

Sometimes I am amazed by the way other people see me. I have been called everything under the sun, really, everything and I probably deserved a lot of that. Now though, I feel certain that people think I am judgmental and legalistic. Let me tell you why: I am adamant about Scripture being taught accurately and in context. I cannot endure false teaching or misleading interpretations. I find great value in the research necessary to fully understand the Biblical writers’ meaning as many of our words have lost the definitions originally intended. Therefore, I employ the use of Strong’s Concordance whenever I endeavor to study His Word and I recommend that every true student of the Word do the same.

That all said, when I walk out of a Bible study it is because I feel that what is being taught is inaccurate. That does not mean I am pointing fingers at the teacher or judging the students in attendance. It simply means that I cannot sit through something false, plain and simple. The motive behind the false teaching is not for me to know, judge or attempt to ascertain in any way. I understand that God will enlighten people when He desires. I also get that I am supposed to bear with those who are immature in the faith. I see that immaturity when commentaries are the sole addition to Scripture rather than personal revelation and/or deeper word study.

IMG_6787When I interject definitions and Strong’s study numbers it is for deeper understanding for those in the room. Surely I can keep that all to myself, but I would be leaving others in the dark and supporting those things which are off course and I cannot do that, I just cannot. Sadly, my endeavors to bring light into the room are seen as attempts to overpower, be a know it all, or a naysayer. Contrary to some people’s beliefs, I do not look to point out the wrong but rather to illuminate the truth. The truth is what sets people free but unfortunately too many people are holding the keys and refusing to use them hoping that someone else’s set will fit their lock. It won’t. You must learn His Word for yourself. You must study to show yourself approved. You cannot depend on my education and study habits any more than you can rely on the driver next to you to fill up your car with gas. You must do it on your own.

I’ve been accused of being a bad “Christian” writer because I’ve told people to do what they will with what I write. Well, the truth is, I want my pieces to be moving, to be eye opening and ear unstopping but no matter how desperately I desire that effect from these few words, it truly is up to you what you do with what I say. God wants you to read His Word but it’s up to you what you do with His writing, there’s no difference here (aside from the fact that I’m just a sorry behind human and He’s God). I’ve also been accused of not loving people because I don’t run around hugging and kissing them. Honestly, I don’t see Jesus doing that. What I do see Him doing is telling people the truth whether they wanted to hear it or not. That to me is telling the truth in love, not nit-picking character traits but calling out those things in our siblings that are leading them into the pit. If I love you, I don’t want you to go to hell and therefore it is my desire to teach you His truth, to protect you from things that are not truth and shine a light on the things that are too dark within you.

Let’s get this very straight here, I am not judging you. I do not personally know a worse human being than myself. I know that Paul and I could have seen eye to eye on the “chief of sinners” label. I get my own filthy rag-ness and therefore would never tell you that you’re worse off than I am. However, I would tell you that if you are choosing deliberate sin while wearing His Name, you’ve got some serious problems. I would tell you that putting “God told me…”in front of something He didn’t tell you is very dangerous. And positioning yourself as a teacher is a greater responsibility than you understand. God doesn’t take His Word lightly and neither should you.

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