The Way Jesus Displayed it

Read John 13:35

We hear this verse a lot, love your neighbor, love your brother, love covers a multitude of sins, God is love, etc. Yep, we hear about the value of love all the time but I suspect we miss verse 34. Don’t get me wrong, I’m certain you’ve read it, heard it and listened to a sermon that included it but allow me to ask you one invaluable question, how? Jesus tell us to love each other the way He has loved us. Have you ever truly taken the time to consider how Jesus loves you and please, save me the pat answers: He forgives my sin, He died on the cross for me and would have even if I was the only person on earth? Sure, that’s all true but, give me some specific acts of love, moments He really truly expects us to emulate. Remember, we’re to be like our Teacher. So, seriously think about all you know about Christ. ¹He obeyed His mother even though it wasn’t His time, out of love for her and His own Word, He honored her. ²He went above and beyond requests, (the best wine they’d had). ³He healed all who asked. ⁴He always spoke truth even if people had to go away sad. ⁵He served. ⁶He spoke to and touched people others shunned. Listen, He provided for others (fish & taxes) and He never put Himself first even praying for those who ultimately denied Him and killed Him. Yeah, there’s a lot to learn about love from the way Jesus displayed it.

Father, help us love like You so You will get the glory You deserve. In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.

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