The Silenced Tongue…

Read Romans 8:26

Ever been there? That moment in which you feel that deep urge to pray, to seek Him and yet no words will come, it’s like the whole of your vocabulary has exited stage left? My experience therein has taught me to just be silent (or use prayer language). Perhaps there are tears too, but sometimes the silenced tongue is the most beneficial Spiritual move. The truth is, He knows what you need before you ask Him and chances are, He’s already moving to take care of it. He just wants to see you obediently seeking Him. Your silence will allow His Spirit within you to converse directly with Him in the language they both know and appreciate, a groaning for Him.

Yes, the King of the Universe wants you to long for Him so desperately that the desire deep within you is unutterable. If you’re praying and suddenly lose the words to express your request or praise, don’t fill the space with empty verbiage, be silent; let the Him in you speak, He knows what He wants to hear and what needs to be said.

Father, don’t let us be afraid of silence in prayer. Remind us that Your Spirit is speaking the necessary things. We ask this in Jesus’ Name! Amen.

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