The Hand of Religion

My children are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Have you ever wondered how a believer could fall so deeply and obliviously into sin? Have you ever questioned another’s ability to be like the dog 13343199313_cbdb8d8e14_mreturning to its vomit, going back to its old ways, its familiar vileness? Herein is the answer: lack of knowledge.

Surely they’ve heard the Word of salvation, understood and believed the sacrifice, grabbed hold of the label and perhaps even taken the hand of religion. But if they haven’t ingested the desire for the pursuit of God, if they haven’t thrown themselves into seeking Him with a whole heart and life, knowledge has not come upon them and their resolve for holiness will wane.

Then they will be destroyed and bad company will corrupt good character. Their sins will try to creep in on you. Do not fall victim like the foolish do. Set your eyes on Jesus, run towards the prize. Dive deep into His Word, all the deeper when you’re surrounded by vomit eating dogs. Don’t let the detestable morph into dessert as they have. Be strong. Thrash alone in hope if you have to.

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