The Blighted Ovum

I wrote, The Blighted Ovum, after my last miscarriage. It has gone hitherto unpublished with only a select few having been privy to its existence. But, after speaking with my dear friend, who writes a tremendous blog right here, I have decided it might very well be time for this:

DCF 1.0The American church is a blighted ovum. It has enlarged but there’s no life within it. This thought came to me as I mourn my own blighted ovum experience. It would appear that the American church feels as though it’s birthing members of the Kingdom but in reality the nausea it feels is simply God’s repulsion with its fallacies.

We have fallen so far from His design we’ve become blind guides and this ignorance will be our destruction. Pastors walk around, swollen with pride over their growth and progress when the womb they represent is filled with an empty black hole.

Our churches are void of life because His Spirit does not reside in those who rant from the pulpits, or sit in the pews. Scripture is replete with warnings about this calamity. Yet, those verses are rarely discussed. Wolves don’t want you to see their teeth until they’ve begun to devour you and it’s too late.

I’ve learned much in these 40 years and one recent tidbit of information keeps returning to my mind: sheep only have bottom teeth. What this means is, they can’t devour, destroy, or tear chunks out of onesam-carter-191161 another even if their feeble beings so desired.

This is one way we can see the wolves in our folds.

They can only hide their fangs and their hunger for so long. Eventually their true natures will come to light. Unfortunately, it appears to me that our churches are more filled with masquerading wolves than humble sheep. This revelation returns me to the blighted ovum symbolism.

Consider with me, if you will, the fact that statistics claim that 70% of Americans profess to be Christians. Yet, the Word tells us that true believers will make up 1/3 of the population (Zechariah 13:7-9). If we do the math, that insinuates that 49% are liars: wolves. If the majority of professing American Christians are actually lying, it makes complete sense that our churches are filled with people prepared to birth a void. Darkness. Death not life.

Sure, God has allowed them the grand delusion (2 Thessalonians 2:11-12).

13343199313_cbdb8d8e14_mIn this case, it is of reproduction. He’s given them the nausea and fatigue but only because He’s tired of dealing with their lukewarm lives full of unrighteousness. He’s getting ready to vomit them out.

It’s time to reexamine our own positions, our pulpits, and the Scriptures. It’s time to return to His Word, to quit making excuses and placations for the hard truths found therein.

God did not mince His words when He spoke through Paul and the prophets and other apostles. He never promised us the American dream: 2.5 kids, a home in the suburbs with an SUV parked out front.  He promised tribulation. He promised refining fire and trials. He promised suffering and He promised to be with us through it all.

I’m not going to lie, my personal blighted ovum situation evokes anger. Why have to experience the nausea and exhaustion just to see a big black hole on the ultrasound screen nearly three months later? It seems wholly unfair if you’d like to know my human position. Why have to endure that sense of false hope?tom-black-75289

Of course, well I know that I’m not in control and that His plan is far greater than my own feeble comprehension. I understand that I’m to praise Him in all things and to accept the good and the bad knowing and trusting that somehow in that black hole He’s got my best in mind.

When I’ve faced loss in the last seven years I’ve been gifted with an ability and desire to seek out the greater good, the lesson in the loss, as I told a dear friend. Because, there’s always something He’s trying to show, reveal, and teach if we’ll take the time to look, listen, and learn.

I wonder now if perhaps He wanted me to see the American church from His eyes. Sure, I’ve been file3801251369761seeing all the La-Z-Boy Christian doctrines floating around. I’ve seen the futility in the activity, the number focus, the seeker driven nonsense, and the itchy ear drivel. My eyes have not been blinded by the entertainment bent, time crunch, and business orientation. The lights and five point sermons haven’t eluded or deluded me.

I see how far we’ve veered from the Acts based descriptions of His church. How removed we are from Paul’s directives to Timothy and Titus about overseers and elders. However, I never realized we had become a black hole sucking people into the pit, promising life and delivering death. Whitewashed tombs.

Yes, a blighted ovum, a vision I needed to see, a painful reality that must be addressed because when Christ comes, will He find faith? Not if our baby believers don’t even exist, let alone those ready for spiritual meat and maturity.

Feature Image by: Julian Bock (unsplash)

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