Tear Down Those High Places

Read Micah 7:7

Who do you look to? Where do you run? Seriously, think about it, when life’s closing in around you, when finances are dwindling and bills are due, when spouses are problematic and children are seemingly out of control, when friends seem to have a tendency to abandon, or avoid; where do you go?

Micah went to the Lord. He waited for the God of his salvation to come to his rescue, to hear him, to be a light to him (v. 8), to plead his case and vindicate him (v. 9). God never fails us, He never leaves us in the lurch begging for bread (Psalm 37:25). The problem, the reason we end up in the pits of despair, wailing in the dark, is generally because we sought other means of help first. We lifted people, or money, or personal drive/strength, above their place and sadly, above God. Anything that comes above Him in your life will put you lower than you were to begin with. God doesn’t take kindly to idolatry and any time you go elsewhere first, you’ve created an idol, plain and simple.

Father, open our eyes to the idols in our lives and help us tear down those high places so we can bow humbly at Your feet. In Jesus’ Name. Amen!


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