Take Him at His Word

Read John 4:50

Once again, there’s more to the story so please feel free to read 4:43-53. This official traveled a good distance because he thought Jesus had the power to heal his near-death son. Initially he requests Jesus’ presence in his home but when Jesus tells him to go, that his son will live, he accepts that directive and promise at face value. Sadly, we fail to do the same. This man trusted that what Jesus said had validity and power; that His Word could travel and act.

Guess what, His Word still travels and still acts but most of us miss that awe-inspiring truth because we’ve come to see the Bible as a history book or a fairytale. Listen, when Jesus told us to go, baptize and make disciples He was serious, He meant it. When He told us that turning from the plow to look back made us unworthy of Him, He wasn’t joking. Walking with Jesus isn’t easy, and it’s not all puppies, roses and prosperity. We must learn to take Him at His Word and obey. That guy believed Him, headed home and found his son well.

Father, make Your Word alive in us. Prick our Spirits that we might do what you command. In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.

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