Sweet Grampy Box

Read Nahum 1:7

I wonder first, if you’ve ever read Nahum, and second if you knew he was writing about Nineveh. Jonah wasn’t Nineveh’s only warning. How many warnings have you been given? Just a thought for you before we look at this verse (though I’d love for you to read the whole chapter). This verse is frequently quoted, but I fear it’s often done in a tickle-your-ear method. Sure, God’s good but go back to verse 2. He’s jealous, avenging and wrathful. He’s slow to anger but great in power (v. 3). People don’t want to hear those aspects of His character. I wish we’d stop trying to put God in some sweet grampy box. That leaning is deliberately deceiving because it hinders our ability to fear Him, a position in which we gain wisdom.

Read Nahum 1:1-8. These descriptors were meant to make the Ninevites tremble, to fear the Lord, that they might wisely turn from their ways. Really, if you look at the prophets, they proclaim the awesome power of the Living God for the purpose of generating a reverential fear, a deep respect for His ability to take you out (whether you want to look at it that way or not).

Father, we don’t want to ask for signs to prove Your power, but open our hearts and minds to comprehend the depth of Your greatness that we might be wise. We ask this in Jesus’ Name! Amen.

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