Someone to Care

31918508083_6855051aa0_kWe’re all looking for someone who cares, someone who’s there. Unfortunately, our fear of one another keeps us entombed in our histories. We are terrified to open up old wounds, even if it’s possible that the person we share with has the much-needed healing salve. It’s amazing that people who claim faith, who say Jesus is their Lord, see no freedom from the bondages of abuse and regret, and feel great angst in the presence of others.

When I wrote the piece, You’re Not Invisible, I suspect some of you understood that I was telling you I too have felt invisible. In truth, I have spent most of my life in the midst of that emotion. Though my presence and demeanor may give you the impression that I am confident and comfortable in front of crowds, that simply is not true. I will always choose the back seat in a crowded space. And, if given the option, I will always avoid the crowds altogether (just ask my friend who took us to the Fair recently).


In fact, a dear friend, whom I had recently revealed my feelings of invisibility to, asked if I chose to be in the back to remain invisible for fear that inserting myself into the crowd would give people the opportunity to treat me thusly. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t like her line of questioning. But, as is my nature, I thought through the concept, looking deeply into myself to see if she had found something within me that I was unaware of. And, yes, she’s right.

Albeit my posturing has never been consciously designed to prevent the possibility of other people making me feel invisible. Instead, it was more of a comfort thing. While we are being honest, it is almost always more comfortable to operate in the emotions that are familiar. That doesn’t make the behavior beneficial, just less scary.

Here’s what I am trying to get at, though:

When we want to move forward in life, or we find ourselves in positions of stagnance, we need other people to care. We need them to listen and question and then, if they are capable, we need them to offer Spiritual direction. That’s what I want to do with my life coaching. I want to be that person who cares, the one who listens and questions in a way that makes you consider your life and the choices you are making, or are about to make.

As someone who has seen the benefits of that care, and someone who has lived through a good deal of abuses (at least on some level- in just about every arena), I’m here for you. And Jesus is all about being personal (even if this song makes light of it):

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