Smack Yourself

I tell my kids this all the time. It makes me laugh, and they generally crack a smile, but sometimes Hazel gets irate about it. Whatever, I need the laugh. But I’m serious right now, smack yourself. Do you realize that if you believe Christ died for you, that His love has covered all your sins, that the blood He shed on Calvary paved the way to a relationship with the Father, you are a child of God?!

f045d90b6027daa5dc7740e65c714199We spend so much of our “walks” as if we are orphans. We mope about our lots in life and complain about our health and empty wallets. We are children of GOD. That means we are heirs to everything He has, and since He’s the King of EVERYTHING, we will have no “true” wants. Sure, life is sucky, a lot of the time, but we have a hope and a home in heaven that far surpasses even the most exorbitant locale on this planet (and there are some pretty incredible places). Hear this again, we are children of the KING.

Man. Let me ask you again, do you realize that God is your Abba? Your go to whenever you are in need? The One who can comfort and heal and provide? Then why are you struggling after the things of this world as if your hands are the only means in which to achieve your dreams and needs? Yeah, I’m asking you, but I’m talking to myself in a non-schizophrenic way too. We allow ourselves to be choked out by the cares of the world and we wonder why our fruit is rotting or wholly non-existent.

It’s easy, guys, understand that you are His. Period. Allow that position to sink in and start attempting 9889472e771f9019e0db88c630b78196to live from a stance of value and victory because that’s what you have as cosmic royalty.  If you’ve got kids, imagine all the things you would do to ensure their well-being and protection and care. Then recall that your skills and resources are utterly finite.

Got all that? Now open your arms and let the Lover of your soul pour Himself into you. It’s time to get filled with the Spirit and recognize the power within you. It is His power, for His glory, and you are the conduit. Fulfill your purpose by embracing your position. You are a princess or a prince. Either way, you’re richer than you know.

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