Sin Woos You

Sin woos you, I thought as I got ready for my bath this morning. While my prayer closet used to be the shower, it’s now a hot bubble bath. Maybe steam frees up my mind, or allows those heinous tear ducts the freedom they need to rain silently. jakob-owens-269245

I haven’t left my house since Monday. I’ve only spoken to two people. To say I am grieving, angst-filled, sorrowful, would be accurate. I take a bath just to get back in PJs. And yet, even with little to no contact, sin still woos. It’s amazing how enticing evil can be when you are vulnerable.

No one really wants to admit that though. I think Charles Stanley gets the credit for saying something about sin being the most powerful when we are sad, hungry, or tired. That makes sense to me. Sadness has the ability to make one long to feel something else, and sin gladly hops in promising to make you “feel better.”

Sin is a liar though.

Sure, that momentary escapade with whatever your preference may be might feel good briefly, but then you still have to deal with you. You still have to face the fact that returning to sin is like a dog returning to its vomit. That a believer who chooses to sin, who blatantly and defiantly sins, disgraces his/her God.

Do we really want to make God look bad after everything He’s done for us?

jesusIt’s possible that no one would ever know your sin. Recall, I haven’t left my home in days, so no one even knows what’s going on in here. There are always ways to keep those wooing, alluring, moments private. But God knows; He sees it all.

And, since Scripture says you have put on Christ when you’ve been transformed by His grace, not only are you making Him see it, you’re forcing Him to participate. How attractive does sin look in that light? Maybe that exposes it for what it really is, a heaping pile of warm puke.

If you know me then you understand how challenging it was to write that. But, it’s truth nonetheless.

So, while sin can look like beauty, fun, excitement, feeling better, it’s really nothing more than dog hurl. Don’t let it woo you. Stand firm in Him and He’ll stand firm in you.

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