Sickness Serves a Purpose

With people like Gloria Copeland announcing that the flu shot isn’t necessary because Jesus took all of our sicknesses, I feel compelled to make comments. In fact, my own six-year-old told me that if we believed in Jesus we wouldn’t get sick. This after we have all spent the week with the flu. I know, of course, where her misguided thoughts come from and I won’t spew on about that…what I will say is that sickness serves a purpose.

As I lay in bed for nearly two days straight it became quite apparent to me that there are times I simplyasdrubal-luna-485688 am not strong enough to take care of myself. I couldn’t force through that headache that even the ibuprofen wouldn’t touch. I couldn’t prevent the hacking that stretched my stomach muscles to a near breaking point. I couldn’t make myself breathe without instantly being thrown into convulsing coughs. I was too weak to heal myself and that’s a lesson we all need to experience.

If Jesus had chosen to throw our sicknesses as far as East is from West, as He did our sins, we would be in a heap of trouble. Why? You ask. That’s easy. If we never got sick we would never realize how much we need Him. We would never understand the depth of His love and care for us. We would never experience Him as the Healer He is. We would depend solely on ourselves, as I desperately wanted to do this week but absolutely couldn’t. And, He wouldn’t be able to use some of His other children to provide for our well-being, like the friend who brought essential oils to our home for just that reason.

The lepers that came to Him for healing, would have never done so, nor would they have received the real healing of salvation found within Him. The woman with the issue of blood would have no reason to reach out for His garment. The blind man wouldn’t have been able to shame the people who asked him by Whom he’d been healed. So much, and so many, would have been lost had sickness come to an end in Christ’s existence.

ben-white-190081I’m not saying that Jesus didn’t bear all our sickness, as the Word says He certainly did. And, I am not saying He is incapable of eradicating all disease, for definitely He is. But, I am saying that if He did, we wouldn’t grow in our love and appreciation for Him as we so desperately need to do. We would find less reason to call out to and for Him. That would be to our detriment for sure. So, that to me proves that sickness serves a purpose.

He says He came for the sick, they are they ones in need of a doctor. He is the ultimate Physician. And, sometimes we need reminding that He alone Heals, He alone saves, and He alone has the strength to raise us up from the pit and the grave (and the sick-bed).

I’m not a fan of vaccinations either. I have a conspiracy theory mindset when it comes to most of them. My family didn’t get the flu shot and I don’t regret that decision one bit even though we have all had to deal with the discomfort that came from contracting the flu this season. It doesn’t make me want to run out and get the shot for next season. Instead, it reminds me that sometimes my God allows me to get sick because there’s a reason for it.

The truth is, He knows better than I do about all things. He knows when I need to rest. If you know me then you know that rest as a single mom of three is few and far between. You know that I work multiple jobs to provide for my children and that many times when I should be asleep I am up writing articles for various clients. Or, that in order to maintain my career as a teacher I am taking classes or attending trainings when I’d be better off in bed. God knows this too, and allowing me to get the flu forced me to take the rest, and be dependent on Him, that I am sure I needed without realizing.

Don’t hate sickness, lean on the Healer and trust Him to move on your behalf because He always knows what’s best for you. Always.

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