Separate us Over Hair Length?

Read 1 Corinthians 11:15

I’d ask you to read 8-16 to get a full grasp of this concept. I understand that there are a number of factions who cling to the: women must have long hair concept. I understand why they do and I get why the other side suggests this is legalism. In truth, there’s probably more support for the long haired women than otherwise, but I see verse 16 as the placater of the issue at hand. There’s no such custom, says the KJV (4914), “mutual habituation or moral habit.” Therefore, Paul explains that this isn’t a necessity. Yet, he also reminds that nature itself would insinuate that women have longer hair than men as a covering. For me, I envision Adam and Eve. Eve’s naturally long hair covered her, perhaps? I guess the real issue here is, are we going to allow divisions and great chasms to separate us over hair length? Are we going to argue this position while the world walks blindly into the pit? We really need to get our priorities straightened out. We’re never going to live the Scripture perfectly and nuances of attire are probably pretty low on the scale of righteousness. Seriously, let’s stop nit picking legalities which Paul tells us aren’t even laws anyway and start bringing souls to salvation. There are people on this planet I’d like to spend eternity with, but if I’m too worried about their hair I might miss that opportunity.

Father, show us the import of Your Word and help us to live those things that give life and light to the lost. We ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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