Savage Death

Read John 15:12

“As I have loved you…” seems like we mostly just quote the love each other part. Almost like we gloss over the sacrificial and unconditional aspects of Christ’s love for us all. Mostly because we’re cool with being Pharisees and tax collectors who loved those who love us back or are at least nice to us. I think we would gain a good deal of insight and wisdom if we’d endeavor to study all the ways in which Christ demonstrated His love for us while we were yet sinners. Sure, we all know He died for us (if we’re His friends, following His commands…something to think about…read v.13-14), but how else did He love people while He traversed this earth? Those acts of love are demonstrative examples of the means in which we’re to show love to one another. In fact, He tells us we’ll do even greater things. Unfortunately, we find all manner of reason not to love properly and completely. This is probably because we’re afraid of what that kind of love might cost us. In truth though, it rarely costs us blood, let alone savage death, but even if it does, it’ll be wholly worth it because when we’re absent from this body, we’re present with Christ! No better place to be, friends, so love each other as Jesus loved you!

Father, give us that power to love like You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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