Quit Winking at Sin

Read Galatians 1:10

Which is more important to you? Keeping people happy or serving God? Can you honestly say that you’d rather men hate you than to fail to speak the truth of God? Not many of us can, honestly. We’re all too concerned with what people think about us, how they look at us, etc. We’re wrapped up in job security and bucket lists. How stupid we truly are! Paul says he’s not here to convince God or pacify people (3982). He’s not here to excite emotion or seek to be agreeable (700) No, he’s here to preach the gospel to share the hope of salvation found in relationship with Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Listen, we’re even guilty of trying to please people at church! We nod at the woman sitting in the pew with the man (who is not her spouse) she woke up next to Sunday morning. We smile at the guy in the sports car who has the fat wallet and a cheating propensity. We go to celebrations at dealer’s houses and act like God’s cool with it all and frankly, He’s not! We’ve got to quit winking at sin. We’ve got to tell our congregants and supposed siblings that God will not be mocked. He will indeed close His gates and tell people to depart. Oh friends, if you’re playing with sin it’s a Russian Roulette game you’re not going to win, all the chambers are loaded, sin equals death and because I love you, I’m warning you.

Father, please make my words speak truth in love. You know the depths of my sin and how truly non-finger-pointing my heart is here. May Your truth shine in Jesus’ Name. Amen!

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