Put on Christ

Read Romans 13:13-14

It’s the last part of this section that always grabs me, “Put on Christ…” We’re to get dressed in Jesus as surely as we put on the day’s attire. Wearing Him will enable us to refrain from gratifying fleshly desires. Unfortunately, most days we get dressed as ourselves, occasionally grabbing a Jesus mask on a stick, easily put away when it’s not convenient. Jesus doesn’t want to be on a stake again. He died once for you to wear Him always, not when it suits your needs or when it goes with your eyes. He’s not an accessory, interchangeable or discardable. Listen, if you’re not surrendering the whole of your being to Him, you’re naked in the midst of battle and your flesh will take you down roads you’d never think yourself capable of traversing. Then, when the shame of what you’ve become hits, you’ll hide from God just like Adam did. Oh friends, God sees it all, you’re not fooling Him with church-face-Sunday attendance and ichthys bumper stickers in your I ♥     my church t-shirts. Jesus is all or nothing. He gave His all for you to suffer nothing of the punishment your sins deserve. You need to give Him all or you’ll receive nothing of His eternal rewards.

Father, open our eyes to the reality of our positions and the condition of our attire. In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.


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