Pure Prayer

4_Clorox_Bleach_Group_SMI won’t sit at this keyboard and tell you I am pure. Although, I am pure. I am pure because my relationship with Jesus makes me thus. It washes away my sin and covers me in His blemishless grace. So how then, knowing my own failings, being an impure person, can I pray a pure prayer?

Maybe this seems like an odd topic given the bent of the previous posts. But, over the last three days, God has been hammering me with Scriptures like: Matthew 7:7, John 15:7 & Philippians 4:6. These verses seem to be suggesting that I am to ask for something. I am to make my requests known, ask whatever I wish, etc. But that terrifies me.

I asked a friend last night, via text, if she had ever been afraid to ask God for anything. “No,” she said, “but I ask after careful consideration and always ask that only if it’s in His will.” Then she wanted to know why I was asking the question. This is how the conversation went…

Her: “Why are you contemplating this?”

Flickr/ Bilal Kamoon
Flickr/ Bilal Kamoon

Me: “Because I feel like these “ask Me” questions have been put in front of me and I am scared and confused.”

Her: “Why confused?”

Me: “The last thing (aside from healthy babies that led to miscarriages) that I prayed with fervency about, was for a husband and we know how that worked…I don’t feel competent to ask for anything especially since I can’t trust my own motives…I was wrong for begging for a husband though I didn’t see it then…God often gives us what we ask for. And I asked Him for a husband thinking I was doing right in the asking, but in truth I was being like Israel wanting what I didn’t need because I didn’t trust like I should.”

coffee heartHer: “This is why I ask only if it is in His will. I believe this puts control in God’s hands. This doesn’t mean I get what I thought I wanted, but truly what was right for the situation…So what do you do with this experience? Ask for God’s will in your life but be willing to accept that He may not follow your plan. Remember, His interest for you can only be good. The hard part is taking your hands off and not focusing so much on it. Just let it happen…All things are filtered through His hands… Where are you going with this?”

Me: “He appears to be telling me to ask, but I’m not sure what to ask for.”somethingsad

Her: “Ask Him what you’re supposed to ask for. He says we have not because we do not ask, right? So, why not ask Him what you’re supposed to ask for? I don’t think He will keep secrets. He’ll make it known to you.”

Me: “Will you join me in that petition? Pray with me.”

So I told her that I would write a prayer. She reminded me to ask with caution and the stipulation that it be His will. This is the prayer I sent her last night. The Word tells us that when two or more ask and agree, it will be done. Feel free to come in agreement with us on this prayer, or use it for your own situation…

Abba, I am struggling more than I care for anyone to know. My faith is weak and my heart unsure. I don’t know what to ask. Tell me, Father, what to ask of You so that I can always abide in Your will. I don’t want to make selfish mistakes or decisions. I want to be pleasing to You in all I do. Hear the groanings of my spirit and know I am asking for Your divine and obvious guidance. Forgive my dense thoughts and feelings. Please, Abba, tell me what to ask of You. I beg You, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

My friend was moved by this prayer which she called pure, thus the title of this piece. I hope it holds value for you as well.



  1. Yes, I definitely come into agreement with you both on this prayer. This was part of my problem I talked with you about in session, when you gave me 2 very specific prayers to pray which led to my “Break Thru”, praise God. I am thrilled with this prayer and pray your fear of asking is g-o-n-e with the wind….

  2. He knows our thoughts, needs and requests, even before they are formed in our minds. We must only be respectful of him when we logon. Praying with and for you, sister.

    1. You are right, Tony, but because He does sometimes give us what we want it is important to be certain we know why we want it.

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