Praised or Punished

Read Proverbs 31:30

There’s more to this Proverbs 31 woman than most of us care to contemplate and while we might make jokes and placate ourselves with commentary about her servants, verse 30 is the real issue. She didn’t just look good (though clothed in purple, my favorite color – v. 22), she is praised because she feared God! (On another note entirely, it just dawned on me that her family is clothed in scarlet, a picture of salvation perhaps, while she’s wearing the color of royalty because she’s the daughter of the King – food for thought).

I suppose then that we shouldn’t be surprised by how much preaching/teaching aims to negate the concept of fearing God. Why? It’s a scheme of the enemy because if he convinces people to think they can just be buddy-buddy with God, that He’s cuddly-sweetness, WISDOM flies out the door and all his other tricks and traps remain successful. Don’t buy the hype that God doesn’t want to be feared. Indeed He does because He knows that’s the only way you’ll realize what dire straits you’re in. You want to be praised or punished? Up to you!

Oh Father, speak to Your children. Remind them of Your holiness and justice that they might fear You and gain the Wisdom that leads to victory over the enemy. I ask these things in Jesus’ Name and I praise You! Amen.

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