People on a Toadstool

We are people on a toadstool floating stationary in a river of muck. Who’s ready to make waves? Think on this a moment: stagnant water gets that way because there are no waves. Churches become stagnant when people become afraid to stir them up a bit. When we are “ok” with hanging around on our stationary toadstools, we will discover that the water around us begins to stink.

I’m not saying that “church” is bad. I’m simply saying that it’s time for “church” to be less about the building it’s housed in, the denomination it aligns with, and the salary the preacher receives. It needs to be about THE CHURCH. The Ekklesia, the called out ones. But it cannot be thus if we remain in our stationary, toadstool sitting, positions.

camel-on-restHere’s the thing, God’s got a great sense of humor, but His parables aren’t jokes. So, when Jesus says it’s harder for a rich man to get to heaven than a camel to fit through the eye of a needle (Mark 10:25), it’s time we reassess the way some of these “mega” churches and the leaders therein live. Do they actually represent the Gospel? Can an individual with his own private waterfall look like Jesus? Seriously?

Maybe this will help you see:

The enemy blurs the lines until we are lukewarm and useless. Until we serve time and mammon instead of Christ.

It’s not impossible for a true Christian to be blessed with lots of money. What’s impossible, is for him/her to live like that. Jesus would not waste any earthly possession on appearances or comfort. Remember, He says He had nowhere to rest His head (Matthew 8:20).

I am so deeply concerned for my believing spiritual siblings who are being deceived. I am watching sweet friends walk into prosperity gospels that do not align with the Christ of the Bible. Are all things ours? Sure, the Bible tells us we are heirs of Christ and since He’s the King of Kings that makes us royalty. But it also tells us that He came to serve not be served.

Perhaps the biggest problem today is that people truly have no idea what the inerrant Word of God really says. They only know the bits and pieces that ear-tickling pastors and evangelists like to throw around. They only know the popular verses that are utilized to sell faith-based apparel.

There is so much more to the TRUTH than that. And, in many instances, the “Biblical” quotes being employed are only parts A or B of a verse and wholly taken out of context anyway!

My heart, since I returned to faith in 2008, has been to strengthen my siblings just as Christ told Peter to do when he returned to his faith walk (Luke 22:32). But when churches are happily presenting testimonies that show nothing about the radical change of salvation, we have to see that these are not the testimonies that overcome but the testimonies that placate. 

file000509910913I don’t want to be placated on my toadstool. I don’t want to have air freshener sprayed over the stagnant water to hide its repulsive odor. I want truth, and I want to represent truth, and I want all I love to know the truth. It is time we make waves. It is time we hop off the toadstools and stir the water so that true healing can come to THE CHURCH.

Are you with me?


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