People Better Equipped

Read John 15:7

I hope you’ll first note that this is a conditional verse. We see that in the “if” at the beginning of the statement. This implies that we have a choice, we can choose to abide (3306), “stay (in a given place, state, relation or expectancy),” with Jesus or not. It’s that simple and yet that difficult all at the same time. In truth, even the least lazy of us stumbles when it comes to staying to that degree in Jesus, His teachings and commands.

Conditional, remember. Yes, He’ll give you what you ask for if you’re staying in relation and expectancy with Him. Notice then in verses prior to this, what happens to those who choose otherwise (v. 1-6). Those who abide in His Word will, there’s no way around it, produce fruit and therefore they will be pruned (and that often, mostly always, hurts). However, that process shapes us into people better equipped to truly abide in and with Him so that those things we ask for can be equally molded and shaped into His will. God loves to give you His will for your life but you’ve got to allow Him to trim, burn and refine you into His perfect creation.

Father, I think we’re often afraid to abide in You because we’re afraid of what You might ask of us. Help us to trust you more and abide in You deeply. We ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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