Parched Places

Read Jeremiah 17:7

I want you to actually read v. 5-8. There are two things to note, a curse (v. 5-6) and a blessing (v. 7-8). I wonder, before we actually discuss this, how we react to hard things, to marital irritations, to health problems, to other relationship difficulties, to intense emotions. I’ll ask you point blank here, “When troubles come, where do you go first?” I can tell you that without fail, I am tempted to pick up the phone, to text someone and spew forth all that’s raging within me. Thankfully, (in most instances) I’m able to refrain from making humanity my first go-to (not that I don’t talk too much, later).

Here’s the thing, to return to Scripture, trusting in mankind, BFFs, Spiritual siblings, spouses, etc. will lead to parched places and no good. It’s hard, I know, because people are tangible, they’ll be instantly gratifying but they’ll leave you thirsty because they’ve no power to make even the minutest difference in your situation. That’s why those who trust in the Almighty are blessed. Even in the hard times He will feed and strengthen you. Lean on Him.

Father, help us run to You first and only that we may be blessed and fruitful for Your glory. In Jesus’ Name we lay this request at Your feet. Amen.

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