One Spot of Mold

Read Job 36:15

Take note that Elihu is speaking here and of the four people who confront Job, he’s the one I like best. He’s the youngest and waits his turn out of respect for his elders; you have to at least admire him for that! He seems to want Job to understand that there is indeed some fault within him that God’s trying to point out. He assures Job here that God does help the poor in times of trouble and enables them to hear Him in the midst of oppression. Surely troubles and afflictions fall upon us all, the righteous and the unrighteous. Yet, the one who’s truly seeking after the King will first ask if there be any wrong way within. I understand that people are uncomfortable with the idea that God lets bad things happen for purposes that will ultimately make us better servants of the King. There are things to be weeded out of our character, branches to be pruned, so that true fruit might grow. Sometimes it takes a fire to cleanse us. Job had begun to trust things, position, property, legacy, etc. He’d forgotten his first love. All had to be stripped from him to remind him Whose he was and where his provision and hope came from. We must be in constant contact with the King to stay clean, one spot of mold ruins the whole loaf. So one bad deed grows. He’ll save but you’ve got to obey.

Father, we don’t want any mold on us. We want to remain clean and fruitful in Your presence. Please help us, in Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen!

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