Obedience brings Restoration

Read 2 Kings 5:14

In truth, I suggest you read 5:1-14 at least. I was recently speaking with some ladies about baptism and how we often just view it as a symbolic gesture. Sadly, for this reason, many people refrain from participating, having placed less value on it than it deserves. Anyhow, that’s a whole other can of worms but I explained to them that baptism is about obedience to Christ. He tells us to baptize (and thusly, be baptized). Does baptism save or cleanse you, literally? No. Yet, obedience to Christ’ commands shows your love for Him and enables you to be called His friend (John 15:14).

That’s where this story came in during our discussion. You see, it wasn’t the Jordan River that cleansed Naaman of his leprosy, it was his obedience to Elisha’s words (which came from God, as he was a prophet), that healed him. Here’s the real issue as I see it, we’ve lost reverential fear of God which leads to wisdom and wisdom (Godly wisdom) will bring about obedience. No doubt Naaman thought Elisha’s instructions were lame but obedience brought restoration. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

Father, empower us to obey that we might be restored. We ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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