Never Miss a Chance to Pray

She came into the shop, kids in tote. I didn’t know it then, but this was my lesson for the day: never miss a chance to pray.

14956198363_62d3b8942a_k“How are you?” She asked me, piercing blue eyes cloudy. I hadn’t seen her in months, but there was something wrong. It brewed behind those eyes I knew so well.

“I’m ok,” I responded, and then a little more seriously, “How ’bout you?”

She couldn’t talk. Her face scrunched up as she fought the storm within. “Can we go back there?” She mouthed as she pointed to the storage room. I could tell she was about to cry but didn’t want to do it in front of the kids. I nodded.

I followed her in and she turned and faced me. Years ago I could have fallen into those soulful blue eyes, today, they were not the intoxicating ocean they used to be. They were stormy like the hurricane skies we know so well in Florida.

Hugs! by Deovolenti (Flickr)
Hugs! by Deovolenti (Flickr)

“What’s wrong?” I asked her, my heart already aching. Her face began to quiver and the ocean in her eyes raged forth.

“They think I have cancer.” The words hit me like a bat to the chest. I have known her since we were young teens. Our history is unique. My own eyes weep as I write this. My heart burns.

Instantly, I hugged her. And as I hugged her, I whispered, “Can I pray with you?”

“Yes,” she said enthusiastically, “I need all the help I can get.”

So, I prayed for my 40-year-old friend who might have cancer and doesn’t know Jesus. I prayed that His hand would be upon her and that He would show her His love and His peace and His comfort. I prayed that He would provide her with healing and the doctors with discernment.

img_9556Some people, even those at my own church, have been bothered by my inclusion of her on my “friend” list. How could I associate with someone who prefers magic to Christ? How could I still be close to her? But the truth is, I have been praying for this day. I have been longing for a chance to pray with her that she could see the hope and the truth found in a saving relationship with Christ.

Asking her if I could pray with her wasn’t easy. It wasn’t something that was comfortable, but it was necessary. It was a moment that could be the beginning of His light in her life.

Pray for her too, please. I have loved her a long time and don’t want her to face something so devastating and scary without knowing that Jesus is her King. She needs His truth and love and grace and comfort right now. For real. Tangible. In her face.

She needs to see Jesus. And if that prayer opens her eyes, if this potential bout with cancer is what gives her new life, oh friends, what glory He will receive as the angels rejoice! Read John 9:3.

Dear ones, don’t miss an opportunity to pray with someone, even if they don’t believe in Jesus like you do. They need Him, and you have the ability to give Him to them. There is no greater gift!


    1. We should all be praying sisters and when the opportunity presents itself, we shouldn’t let our own fears and insecurities prevent us from doing so.

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