Moral Frailty

I was recently told that I was incapable of accepting God’s grace. I was then told to research the concept. I suspect my difficulty in accepting grace is because of my “moral frailty.”

erda-estremera-582865-unsplashNot doubt that’s a strange mix of words but I discovered it when one verse about grace came to my mind. The verse that says, “My grace is sufficient for thee…” If you don’t know, God says it to Paul when he admits begging God three times to remove a thorn from his flesh, a messenger from satan to prevent him from becoming conceited due to all the amazing things he has seen and done. Yet, God does not remove that thorn. Instead, He says His grace is sufficient.

Paul’s weaknesses, infirmities, as discussed there are partially defined as “moral frailty” given the Greek translation of the word. This is significant to me. It insinuates that not only does God know our moral frailties but He allows them to remain within us for the sake of extending and lavishing His grace upon us (Tweet this).

I have no idea what your moral frailties are, but I’m intensely aware of my own. And, I hate them. I want them removed as well. I don’t want God to have to lavish His grace on me because of my weaknesses. I want to be strong and win every sin battle. But as a friend points out frequently, I am only human, andjames-pond-191266-unsplash as such, I suck. I make bad decisions and I fall.

Another friend told me, yesterday, to remember that the righteous fall seven times but get back up. She said it’s the getting back up that shows we are righteous. The unrighteous remain in their calamity. I don’t wish to fall or bring disappointment to those who think I’m so strong. And, more importantly, I don’t want to disappoint the God who saved me. Yet, He already knows my moral frailty and His grace is sufficient. I’ll just need to ensure I get back up.

Maybe you are struggling with accepting that grace because you think you are too messed up. Or you think you give into temptation too frequently for God to give you that grace over and over. But, His grace is sufficient. That doesn’t mean do whatever you want to, but it does mean stop beating yourself up every time you stumble. Get back up! He will uphold you with His righteous right hand.

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  1. Such a great word, Ginny. It is so easy to tell others how much Jesus loves us and sometimes to understand that means He loves us just as much, too. Sounds like you are surrounded by wise friends, which is another example of God’s grace being showered on you. Thanks for this reminder not to be so hard on ourselves and for sharing your desire not to disappoint Him. Keep writing!

    1. Thank you. I am often guilty of giving great advice but not applying it to my own life. It is easy for me to see how much He loves other people, how much grace He bestows upon them, but very challenging to embrace and receive that love and grace for myself. Thanks for reading!

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