Life’s Hard, That’s Her Encouragement

I call her and tell her I need her to be more encouraging than she was Saturday night and as trophyI pour out my woes she says simply, “life’s hard.” That’s. Her. Encouragement. I want to scream!

I tell her I dislike her ability to not ever just take my side for the sheer fact she’s my friend. She tells me she wants to be able to show me the big picture. But, I don’t want to see the big picture right now, I want to hear that I’m great at what I do and that sometimes people don’t see true talent. Nope, she’s not down with that today and that’s irritating.

So when I sit down to write this piece and I think about the calamities of the day, my own stupid mistakes and prideful nature, I recall that I submitted a devotion last night to an online women’s magazine. It will come out in the near future, but the verses I wrote about, and the concept behind my piece probably could use revisiting here.

You see, I was reading in Judges about Gideon and how the Angel of the Lord declared him to be a mighty warrior when he believed himself to be the least of his entire clan, weak, and unassuming. I’d written that we often downplay the truth’s God speaks over our lives. That thought hits me now.

What’s more important on this planet? The way other people view me and the gifts or talents I’ve been given by God, or the fact that He gave them to me and will be with me to use them in the ways He’s planned all along?

Well, the answer seems pretty obvious to me but that doesn’t eradicate the bashed pride and devaluation of self I’m feeling at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I know pride is unacceptable and therefore must be humbled, but that doesn’t make it feel good. Does it?

IMG_6787So, in truth, when I call my friend, whom I treasure dearly, I’m really just asking her to appeal to my pride and she’s too wise to do that. I have to smile. I don’t think she’d agree with that wisdom statement and yet it is abundantly clear to me right now as I sit here typing this.

Whether I like her “big picture” approach or not, at the moment that she’s giving it, I know that I need it and God specifically positioned her in my life to give it.

I don’t think we ever know the impacts we have on other people. I hope that you have friends in your life that don’t just placate you and make you feel good about yourself. I hope they are people who will stand true to the truth, even if it hurts your prideful, fleshly feelings. And, I hope you’ll recognize their value when that truth smacks you in the face like it did me.

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