Klutzy Buffoon

Read Isaiah 41:10

I quote part of this verse all the time. I just am wholly enamored by the imagery of His tremendous, big-enough-to-have-all-our-names-on-its-palm, hand holding my wee-stumbling-klutzy-buffoon-like-self up. It’s incredible to me, really! I’d recommend you read the whole of chapter 41 though, never just focus on one verse or part of one verse.

God is speaking to Abraham (His friend’s) children (v. 8). I point that out to remind you that though this is initially being spoken to Israel and certainly He will take care of their enemies (v. 11-12), there’s an additional purpose here because we’re told in Galatians (3:7) that Abraham’s children are those of faith. Therefore, v. 10, fear not, friend, He’s with you, will strengthen you, help you and uphold you with His hand that’s larger than your feeble imagination can fathom. His promises are for the children of Abraham. I guess the most important question then is, are you one?

Father, shine a Light on our souls and eternities and correct, heal and save where necessary. We beg you in Jesus’ Name. Amen!

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