It’s All Small

My big revelation for the week (unless I get some more later since it is only Monday) was that to God it’s all small, but nothing is insignificant. Think on that a while, would you?

img_6035I was in the bathtub, my personal prayer closet (so long as the kids are in bed), and I was thinking about all the things we are going through. We haven’t been able to pay all the bills because being a single mom with three kids trying to run your own small shop in a tee-tiny town is HARD.

On top of that, there’s the issue of Christmas, and not wanting to be stupid with money that you don’t have, while still allowing your kids to enjoy the season as much as possible. Some things in life seem quite trivial for sure but it’s all small, really, isn’t it?

That led me to the truth that many of us fail to talk to God about the things we deem too small for Him to even think about. But in reality it’s all small, everything we do and endure, it’s all small on the God-scale of things. Yet, because we are His children, as I reminded you last time, nothing is insignificant.

Think about your own kids, if you have them. If anything is bothering them, no matter how minute, it holds import for you because you don’t want your kids to hurt. God doesn’t want us to hurt (though He will allow it if there’s a lesson to be learned in its midst).

So, when the “How in the world will I afford that $54 cell phone bill?” accosts you, bring it to Him. Yeah, $54 is a minute amount of money in the grand scheme of things. But, if it is causing you to sin by worrying, or failing to trust Him, He cares about it.

I’m not gonna lie, money is a constant concern for me. I have been gifted by the graciousness of a OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAdear friend who loaned me the money to buy my house. It’s technically her house though and therefore when I go a whole month not being able to pay her a dime, it’s quite worrisome.

And, when the business doesn’t make enough money to pay its own rent, that freaks me out. So, I can try to manipulate time and circumstance by seeking to provide by my own hands, or… And, here’s the big OR, I can get on those same hands and knees and BEG God for help. He loves me and He will help me.

Do you know that in the last hours before the shop’s rent was due He sent someone into the store that had serious connections. She blew up the business on FB and enough people came in within two days to cover the remainder of the shop’s rent!

Then, He had another friend contact me and tell me I’d been put on her heart to give $400. That paid two bills (including the cell phone) and the car payment! I still don’t know how I will pay the mortgage, but I know the One who can take care of that too.

praiseThese are all resources I didn’t have because I’m some great marketer or writer, or really anything at all. They happened because my God is big and He knows I need Him. Oh friends, He is worthy of great GLORY from these lips and fingers.

I cannot express to you how truly amazing He is and yet I am broken over my own reluctance to trust Him fully. Why do I always want to run back to me when me can’t even handle the small stuff? What about you?


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