It Only Takes One Sinner

Read Ecclesiastes 9:18

Ha! I had no idea I’d have to write about this verse as I drew attention to it in the last Ecclesiastes writing. So be it though. If you’ll read verse 13-18 you’ll understand where Solomon’s coming from here. He watched a wise man save a small city from a vast army. His wisdom delivered the people of the city but later no one remembered what he’d done (v.15). One has to understand that Solomon writes Ecclesiastes from a point of despair. He’s feeling like he’s toiled in vain. Recall that he had many wives who followed foreign gods and so at some point he became disillusioned by his own wisdom and attempts at righteous living. He started thinking it was all pointless, really, as everyone would eventually die. Yet, there’s something in him that still understands the depth of value found in wisdom (2451) chokmâh, wisdom (in a good sense). Wisdom is more powerful and valuable than weapons of war. Wisdom can indeed defeat a powerful enemy. Herein lies the problem as Solomon saw it, one sinner could destroy much good. You can share wisdom in whispers (v. 17) until you’re blue in the face, it only takes one sinner, one of the enemy’s minions, to destroy all you’ve tried to accomplish. Yes, wisdom will ultimately win but you’ve got to remain steadfast in your declarations.

Father, make us wise enough to defeat the enemy and bring salvation to the lost. In Jesus’ Name and power. Amen.

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