Invasive and Decimating

Shame is the enemy’s most invasive and decimating weapon. It infiltrates our psyche and manifests this sense of helpless worthlessness that prevents God’s mighty workings within us.

We may, perchance, still hear His voice, but the leering of shame disembowels faith and hinders forward movement.

Shame is the uterus that births crippling fear.

It demands that we are incapable of anything noteworthy or valuable. And, sneakily masks itself, not as an angel of light, but as humility.

While berating us for who we are, it utilizes Scripture to assure us that its belittlements are grounded in things like “no one is righteous,” and, “we’ve all fallen short.” Amazingly convincing us that the fact these truths apply to all should be negated, making us less than everyone else.

We falsely embrace Paul’s sentiment as chief of sinners while failing to grasp the power he found in that revelation. For when we are weak He is strong.

Shame is a quagmire that sucks us down deep into the pit. While we don’t see all that darkness within us, we also cannot exude the light He has so freely given.

We are stuck, in so many ways.

Until we recognize shame as our captor we will forever be in its chains. Fear will be enthroned and our destinies will never materialize.

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