I’m not fancy, but I’m a little complicated..

We were texting back and forth and she said, “I’m not fancy, but I’m a little complicated,” and I thought, “That’s brilliant.” Indeed, she isn’t fancy, but at times I’ve no doubt she’s complicated. But, isn’t that true of most of us? We’re not fancy, and that’s probably why it’s really hard for us to imagine that we are princesses.


Now, this friend who was texting with me, she is definitely a princess. But because she’s not fancy, and is a little complicated, I suspect she doesn’t realize how gorgeous she is in the eyes of the Father.

Do you?

One Tiny Life by: seanquillen

Seriously, can you honestly say that you look in the mirror and see yourself through the eyes of the One who intricately wove you together in your mother’s womb (even if she was a pitiful example of a mother)?


No, probably not, because life complicates us. It makes us think that there’s got to be more to the story. That somehow we need to measure up to something.

But God, He doesn’t say that.

Cross of Love by: Hazel
Cross of Love by: Hazel

Sure, He suggests that we ought to be perfect as He is perfect, but that’s why He gives us His Spirit within. We will never attain that perfection (on Earth). But the blood of Christ shed on the cross of Love, that will wash all our stains away. And, that will leave us uncomplicated children in the arms of a Father Who adores us simply because we are His and it was His joy to make us and call us thus.

I love my friend. I think she’s pretty great, truth be told, and I appreciate her lack of fanciness and even her complicated moments. But, my love for her is miniscule comparatively. I can’t even touch the love that God has for her. The plans He has for her are good, they are full of Hope and Future, because she loves Him and is called according to His purpose.

It’s amazing to step back and look at your spiritual siblings and realize that they are white as snow in Abba’s sight.

So, if you are feeling a lot complicated and none too fancy, realize that you are not alone.

By: DeeAshley (Flickr)
By: DeeAshley (Flickr)

And, that princesses don’t have to be fancy on earth because they are radiant in eternity. It’s ok to look like Cinderella in the embers right now. It’s ok to be dusty and worn. So long as you are covered by the Savior’s dust, walking so close to Him that His sandals are kicking up sand on you.

Stop trying to be fancy here. Instead, consider embracing your complicated siblings for who they are. And, let them love you for the same reason.

That’s a big deal, by the way, choosing to let someone love you in your less than fancy, potentially overly complicated state.

I can tell you that this friend of mine stepped in at one of my least fancy moments of life. She opened her heart to me in my most complicated disaster, and I warned her that it was probably a bad time to befriend me. But, she sees with His eyes and loves with His heart and I could not be more blessed.


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