I am a Woman of Deserved Disgrace

I am a woman of deserved disgrace and I will willingly admit it. That’s why this song was so powerful this morning. We sang:

…Oh, your amazing grace

I’ve seen and tasted it

It’s running through my veins

I can’t escape its grip

In you my soul is safe

You cover everything…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe song was profound. I knew instantly I needed to write about it.

I have no problem sitting with Paul in the position of Chief of Sinners. It is a position I am wholly unproud of, but it is a deserved disgrace. As I’ve already shared with you. And that’s why feeling His grace is so overwhelming.

So, when the pastor spoke of the return of Christ, something seared within me. I have seen and tasted His grace, even a hypocrite like me, He died for. His sacrifice was serious and  my devotion should be complete. It must be complete.

This brought me to a conversation I’d recently been involved in, one that asked me to be more comforting and make people feel good after teaching them.

There I sat in my chair this morning thinking, “What do I want brick wallto tell Jesus when He returns?” Do I want to stand there and say, “Lord, I made Your people feel good.” Or, would I prefer to be face down saying, “Lord, I broke their hearts with Your truth.

Broken people are those who get healed. People who feel good need no physician and see no need for change. So, friends, rest assured that when I teach (which is a grave position to be in, and one I don’t like to even claim), it will be with truth, not saccharine or satin.

I believe there are plenty of pulpits willing to coddle you. But my thirteen year old can tell you, “Jesus didn’t come here to make people feel good.”

crownofthornsHe came here to save them, and in order to do that, He had to show them their brokenness and bleed for them. I’m sure that didn’t feel good. What do you think?

If we continue to support those who tickle our ears, and hope that those who don’t plan on it will change their ways, what will Jesus think of this generation? I am not interested in disappointing my Savior (any further than I already have, and I am so grateful that His grace has more than covered those atrocities).

To bring you back around, remember, we sang this to Him this morning:

Oh, your love bled for me

Oh, your blood in crimson streams

Oh, your death is hell’s defeat

A cross meant to kill is my victory

If I believe that, and I assure you that I do, then I cannot trivialize His Word with sugar-coated placations and kid gloves. Sometimes the truth hurts.

But if that pain brings you closer to Him through repentancefire or refinement, then praise God for people who are unafraid to risk hurting your feelings for the sake of the Gospel (feel free to read 2 Corinthians 7: 7-9).






  1. Love it! Keep being you. There are way too many people who will preach / teach just enough to get a point across but not enough to preach / teach truth & conviction! Don’t let what others say affect how God wants you to be.

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