Hypocrisy is on my mind today. We are all hypocrites in one aspect or another, if we’re completely honest. But, most of us aren’t.

I asked a friend where her faith was because her decisions to change, or not change, the misery of her life always boil down to money.

She didn’t like my question and ultimately deemed herself a hypocrite in that regard. But the truth is, the one asking the question is just as hypocritical. That one, being me, in case you’re not following.

I know, full well, that I’m supposed to epitomize Matthew 13:52. Yet, I set aside that call, to write things that make me money. I invest weekends writing articles about the beauty industry. Ironic, since beauty procedures and processes are not something I care about or even apply to my own life.

I waste hours upon hours of writing skill on tutoring companies and used office furniture liquidators. Why? Because there’s money attached to the finished product.

Sure, as a single mom with no financial assistance from the ex-husband (and it’s a joy to be able to finally call him that), it makes sense that money would be a driving factor. But what am I putting my faith in, really?

It reminds me of a line from Silence of the Lambs: “But are you strong enough to turn that high powered perception on yourself?” Am I? Are you? Judgement starts in our own houses. Where, indeed, is our faith?

Faith is a word we throw around.  Unfortunately, very few of us live it the way we’re supposed to. No wonder Jesus questioned, “…when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?” (Luke 18:8)

Don’t feel guilty. Change. I’ve got to.

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