Hit by a Car

I seriously just watched a guy get hit by a car. He was crossing the street, with the white walk sign quite

By: Cavalier and Co.
By: Cavalier and Co.

evident, and the lady turning didn’t even look his direction. Thankfully, she only bumped him and he was gracious enough to refrain from cursing her out. Although, I will admit I expected him to do just that. Instead, he walked away shaking his head in disbelief and she kept driving.

I got hit by a car in a parking lot when I was pregnant with Hazel. It was a similar situation, more of a bump than anything dangerous, but still, I literally got hit by a car. And, like the lady that just hit the guy crossing the street, no apologies or concern were given. It was as if he and I had no right to be where we were.

It is amazing to me how completely oblivious we are to one another. If someone is attempting to move outside our sphere of influence, that individual is either ignored, bumped,

By: Marc Falardeau
By: Marc Falardeau

or shunned. The disregard and even blatant “screw you” attitudes that abound are hugely disheartening.

When these behaviors come from within the “church,” it is a wonder that anyone attends. Sure, we are all humans who say and do things we shouldn’t. I’m not vilifying those of us who try to be more like Jesus. Rather, it’s those who quickly run over you because you’re not in their line of vision, not part of their group, that have me a bit irked these days.

I have a friend who wasn’t raised in the church, and since her experience with salvation, she has expected, not unrightly so, that those who call themselves “Christians” would act more like the Biblical descriptions she encountered on her conversion. One of the great things about meeting Christ for the first time is that insatiable hunger to know Him all the more. It is that desire that led her to seek and search throughmagnify Scriptures. But, what she has found within the walls of the local “church” has been a bunch of hypocrisy and back biting (perhaps stabbing is a better visual).

It would appear that those who refrain from activity within certain groups, due to their own personal morals and values, are shunned by those groups. Somehow, the desire to remain pure in your walk, to avoid the unBiblical teaching and focus, makes one a scapegoat; an easy target. Sadly, she has seen that aspect of humanity within these “church” walls and I suspect it is making her bitter.

Bitterness is a painful foe. And, to know that it is oft times instilled by the very people who are supposed to be the lights in the darkness, the salves on the wounded, makes it all the more detrimental. We really need to stop hitting people with our cars, our tempers, our jealousies, our trivialities, our Love-on-Fire-love-fire-2560x1600aspirations and angst. Jesus wouldn’t want us to treat one another that way.

So, dear friends, I ask that you open your eyes to the people around you. Those who sit on the back row might not be judgmental snobs but people who have been desperately hurt by others in the room, or one similar to it. They might be using their silence to observe the cars without brakes. They might just be hoping you’ll look up from yourself and see them.

Feature Image by: Kevin Hutchinson (Flickr)


    1. I’m so glad you got that point, Tony! I was hoping that I would convey a wake-up call here. Marvelous! Love you, man! Tell Karen to schedule a trip to Midway on May 27th to attend my seminar! 🙂

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