Here’s the Kicker

Read 1 Corinthians 6:7

I love this verse because it’s a direct call to sacrificial living. Christ told us to go the extra mile, hand over our cloak in addition to our coat. Here Paul reminds us that these quarrels and strifes, lawsuits to be exact, are just plain wrong! No indeed, he says, better to suffer the wrong, to be defrauded. No one wants to hear that, we don’t want to give up, to lose, or have stolen from us those things we claim are ours. Yet, and here’s the kicker, we don’t own a single thing on this planet. It can all be swept away like wind or sand and no matter how hard we clasp on, it’ll be gone. We hold harder and stronger to physical, moth eaten, rusting things than we even feign to hold onto Christ. We seek after material goods, real estate deals, craigslist bargains with more fervency than we study His Word. We want everything else but the One who truly fulfills and sustains. People want cars, children, clothes, jewelry, business success more than they want Jesus and I bet if you’re honest with yourself you’ll see you’ve got the same tendencies. I know I do. I’m so sorry to my King for holding Him with such low esteem that I log more craigslist (or Facebook) hours than Bible ones. What about you?

Father, thank You for bringing this point home. Now help me change, help me love You and seek You more. I need Your help, Jesus, please. Amen.

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