I guess I could have labeled this my “about” page but I kinda think that’s lame. So, instead, let me simply say to you, “Greetings!” I have been publishing this blog for more years than you’ll find proof. There was a time in which I posted a new blog a day, and then, because I wasn’t seeing a lot of movement on the site, I kind of gave up.

Now, that would be all well and good if God had been cool with me giving up. However, since He definitely told me to write, that’s a story for another time, each moment I give up on that calling puts me spiraling into disobedience. I don’t want to be disobedient anymore. So, I am seeking to revive the site. Bear with me as things are altered and new posts might be slow in coming. But, you’re probably on this page because you want to know a little about the author behind these posts.

So, as briefly as I can convey, I am a mother of three. I recently left my husband of six years. But, before you judge me, know that I needed to do that to preserve the emotional safety of my wee ones and myself. It was a bad situation and though you might come across older posts that seem to reveal a different position, just know that I tried to live as a Godly wife in that marriage for the 6 years it lasted. So, I wrote in an edifying way about him in almost every instance. Also, know that I am not here to bash him now.

I began writing as a child and have been published in various magazines, school newspapers, and yearbooks. Additionally, I have several books available for sale in our shop. Support my ministry by purchasing my books. Whenever possible, I will offer things for free in the shop too. And, whatever the case may be, I will do all things in my power to bring glory to the Savior as I serve no greater purpose than that.

Be advised that most of the current blogs on this site are devotional types. However, as we gear up to refocus on publishing there will be pieces that are less specifically devotion-designed. I hope that the writings will speak to you on some level, that His Spirit will be readily apparent, and that you will be encouraged and uplifted each time you choose to visit the site.

Peace & blessings,
Ginny Mink