God Scares Me More

spacex-530583I recently wrote a piece about how writing scares me. However, the truth is, God scares me more. I know a lot of people will get all up in arms about this concept, but it’s true. God scares me on a level that nothing else in this universe could ever attain to. I don’t care if you’re an Elon Musk rocket, you can’t even breach the height of my fear of God.

I’ve heard, so many times, that the verse about the fear of God being the beginning of wisdom doesn’t actually mean we should “fear” God. But the truth is, that’s exactly what it means. Take a look at it in the Greek. Use a Strong’s if you need to. It means, moral reverence (and is used interchangeably for dreadful, exceedingly fearfulness). The thing is, we don’t revere anything or anyone, and our morals are very far off from those represented by the character and attributes of God.

Reverence is deep respect for someone or something. And truth be told, we only gain “deep” respect jakob-owens-303068for those things that can take us out. We have reverence for the great white shark. We aren’t about to go poking about in its territory, and we certainly aren’t about to do anything to it that would instigate an attack. We understand that the great white shark will kill us, painfully, and therefore we revere it.

Yet, no one wants to consider God from that perspective because it makes Him out to be too mean. No, it makes Him out to be too HOLY. This is why the word fear means moral reverence. I don’t care how great a human being you think you are, you can’t shake a stick at the pure holiness that is God the Father, or His Son, Jesus Christ. You’ve got nothing on Him. You are a dirty rag (menstrual if you please) in comparison. And yes, that’s Scriptural. Look it up (here’s the link).

173203660_cfe6b7c70b_mThe real problem, is exactly what we are studying at the church I’m now attending on Wednesday nights. It’s the fact that we simply don’t grasp the HOLINESS of God. RC Sproul had something when he wrote that book (a book I’d love to own). If we fully understood how Holy God is, if we got that, then when the Scriptures advise us to be Holy as He is Holy, we’d fall on our faces and cry out curses on our own lives just as Isaiah did, just as Peter did. We are wholly unworthy to serve such a great God.

Yet, here’s the beauty in it all: He chose us! He wanted us! He wooed us into His family! And now that we are here, we must serve His purpose and that is to bring light into this world. It is to go and make disciples. It is to bring glory to His Name. It is to revere Him, morally, so that His wisdom can flow through us. Yes, that’s why we are here!

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