God Got Me a Job

cleaning ladyOk, so that might sound pretty weird, but let me explain how God got me a job. On Tuesday I had to walk out of the office for the magazine I write for because I didn’t want the editor to see me start crying. You see, I left my husband almost a year ago and have been trying to find gainful employment ever since. But nothing was working.

I have literally applied to every scope of business from gas stations like Wawa to financial institutions like Amscot, to corporate industries like Publix and Amazon. Seriously, I have tried to get every kind of job from gas station clerk to editorial executive. The whole gamut. And before you judge me, I even tried to return to my old profession, teaching, but not a single application or interview worked out no matter the industry (except for one job that was going to end up costing me money- there’s a plethora of those around).

That Monday I had received a letter that the last interview I’d gone on had been unsuccessful as well.study My eldest son kept telling me, “That’s because God doesn’t want you to have a real job.” And, to some degree I think he was right. Except, it would appear that He wanted me to have a “real” job just not a “regular” one.

So, let me set the stage…Tuesday I’m crying, asking God what He expects me to do. After all, I have three children that I am responsible for on my own. The shop didn’t make money, so that was a disappointment. Then there was the concern about how to get out of the lease and what to do with all the supplies.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt is safe to say that I was a woman sinking. And, I was crying out to God. Save me. What do You want from me? I don’t understand why I can’t get a job? I mean, I have a Master’s degree, tons of experience. You know, the list of why me’s that we all go through when everything seems to be biting the big one.

I got up Wednesday, and in my devotions I read: “Tell the righteous that it shall be well with them, for they shall eat the fruit of their deeds.” Isaiah 3:10 (ESV). I’m not gonna lie, part of me was a bit doubtful. In fact, I was real quick to tell God that I’m not righteous. Of course, I was reminded of the fact that my righteousness is found in Jesus. It’s never been about me. Or you.

But then, shortly after I sat down at my desk to write, I got a message from a friend. She said, “Ginny, you wouldn’t be interested in a full time job, would you?”

By Friday I was in an interview and offered a job. I can only attribute this chain of events to God’s Jesuslovesyouingenuity. He has always been in control and He always knows what is best for me and my family. I wish I was as full of faith as some people think I am. But, I can tell you that I am infinitely glad that God is far more faithful  than I am.

So, that about sums it up. God is incredible and His timing will almost always catch us off guard and seem like it’s gone far past our ability to handle the wait. For that reason, He deserves all the praise.

Featured Image by: Hatim Kaghat (flickr)


  1. Reading this made me so happy, Ginny! I think I was in your shop on the day you took the call about the offer (and I’ve been praying it would all work out). I love how God confounds us with His mysterious ways. Love that your son had some good advice, too. Blessings in your new work. I look forward to hearing more and I’m looking forward to your Princesses in the Dust event, too.

    1. I am so thankful that His timing is always right because what He would have for me is so much greater than what I would settle for myself. Thanks, friend!

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