God Doesn’t Have Part Time Children

Read Romans 6:2

Quick, read v. 6 & 7 too! Now read 1-14. I wonder then why our churches are so slam full of rampant sin. Listen, I know we’re all sinners, I get the daily infractions that as soon as they occur His Spirit gives us the equivalent of a finger wag or raised eyebrow to remind us that behavior is unacceptable. What I don’t get, is the blatant sin that people adhere to with abandon. For instance, I had a conversation with someone recently who revealed another individual had claimed, without reserve, “I’m a part-time Christian. I only come to church on Wednesday because I still like to get hammered.” Seriously, while the individual’s honesty was appreciated, the truth of the matter is, God doesn’t have part-time children, we don’t clock in and out, it’s full time, all the time, or not at all. He doesn’t share custody with the world. Sadly, there are a number of believers who accept this fence-riding, ‘bout to be vomited out, lukewarm faith. You cannot love Jesus, be wholly changed by the salvation He’s offered you and still be ok with sleeping around, getting trashed/stoned, gambling, etc. How could you subject His Spirit within you to sin? Now don’t mishear me, there are believers who walk away for a period of time and then return, but it’s imperative that we aid them in that returning by adhering to His Word on all fronts.

Father, if we’ve blatant sin in our lives please reveal it to us and bring us to repentance. We ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen!

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