Fragmented and Amputated

Read 1 Corinthians 1:10

Man, how I want to shout Paul’s words here. No doubt they’re Christ’ Words because He told us that He wants us to be One as He and the Father are One. I wonder then, how we ended up with so many divisions. I mean, if we’re all reading the same Bible how then have we allowed His Body to get fragmented and amputated?

Truth is, I actually asked a friend one day if perhaps she and I had different Bibles than everyone else. The reason? We saw Jesus’ directives as just that: direct commands requiring obedience. Yet, we see tons of “churches” ignoring His commands or only supporting the ones they like, agree with or are included in their denominational doctrine (this verse comes to mind- Mark 7:13).

Paul warns us to be united. Listen, arms and legs that are disconnected can do very little that’s valuable. The legs might get to the place of need but without the arms they’re just standing around and honestly, that’s what a lot of “churches” are doing these days, standing around, present but ineffective. We need to be united (period).

Father, sew us back together with Your threads of love and bindings of peace. We need healing and unity. In Jesus’ Name. Amen!


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