Fire Extinguish Hell Bound Souls

Read Galatians 1:6

I’m going to ask you to read 6-10 here. Paul is astonished that the Galatians who heard the gospel of Christ from him, have begun to desert and turn away after “other” gospels of which he assures them there is no other good news than that which he shared. In the KJV it says they’ve removed themselves and that word (3346) mĕtatithēmi means, “to transfer, transport, exchange, change sides or pervert.” Change sides grips me because ultimately that’s what is occurring.  There are indeed only two sides on this planet, us and them. All that really matters as some like to say, is what you did with Jesus. Here’s the thing though… Jesus tells us, why call me Lord, Lord when you don’t do what I command you. People will say what they did with Jesus is love others. Great, but did you love them enough to fire extinguish their hell bound souls or did you just smile at the flames and tell them, “Jesus loves you”? We cannot exchange or pervert the Scriptures in any way. We cannot love people without caring about their eternity. That is a false gospel that will earn you the curses Paul’s declaring in verses 8 & 9. We’re not here to win friends and influence people, we’re here to save souls, extinguish hell’s fires, open eyes and ears, awaken the dead and cast out demons. So now what are you really doing with Jesus?

Father, people love games. They love feel good opportunities. Yet Your Word instructs us to embrace the troubles that we might win some for Your glory. Help us declare Jesus’ Name. Amen!

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