Einstein was a Dummy

Read 1 Corinthians 1:25

I love this verse for its superb humbling qualities. Without even delving deeper into the Greek, this passage reveals the sheer fact that humanity is a compilation of moronic weaklings comparatively. Yet, I suppose I was really just begging for a deeper blow to the ego because I chose to look further. That word foolishness (3474), mŏrŏs, means “dull or stupid, heedless, a moral blockhead and apparently absurd.” So, even if any of those words could equate with God, He’d still be far wiser than we are! Feeling tiny right now? Well, check this out, His weakness (772) asthĕnes, strengthless moments, were He to even have them, would far surpass our greatest physical feats. Einstein was a dummy and the Hulk’s a pip squeak. Help you get yourself in focus? It reminds me of that verse that tells us not to think too highly of ourselves (Romans 12:3). Well, that’s a good reason not to, we’re moral blockheads! Man! If you’ll read on, after the belittling, you’ll find your hope. No, you’re not brilliant (v. 26) but you were chosen (v. 27 & 28). He’s got a plan for you but you’ve got to recognize your place and rid your pride.

Remind us, Father, of how lowly we truly are. Remind us to be thankful for the exalted position You have provided that we might always lean on You and not our own feeble understanding. In Jesus’ Name, please. Amen!

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