Don’t Soil His Robes

Read 1 Corinthians 7:2

Well we know that sex sells but we really need to understand that sexual immorality kills, it destroys us in so many ways. God designed sex, He understands the human body and its every inclination, which is why He suggests here that to avoid the fall of sexual immorality we should each find a spouse. Now, some people are less tempted in that arena and can therefore stay single, but the majority of us failed a long time ago and to regain and retain that purity, wedded (wish it were) bliss is recommended. The two become one remember and while some would use that to support the “you complete me,” ideology, I’d rather remind you that any improprieties on your part have split your personality. How many have you become one with, separated and realized a bit of you was lost? This is real stuff, it really hurts and it really messes up futures. There’s a cloud that hangs in the distance threatening to rain on your parade. If you’re married then there’s the temptation to wonder about those your spouse united with prior to you. Or, there’s the temptation to compare your spouse to those you’ve been united with. Yep, it’s a problem. Stay pure ‘til you get married and if you’ve already messed up, get right now. Flee immorality and embrace Christ’s purity. He died to give you His righteousness, don’t soil His robes.

Father, keep us pure from this point forward. Please we beg You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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