Don’t Blow Through Them

Read 1 Corinthians 10:13

Please read 12-15. First of all, don’t think you’re immune to temptation in any form, even those things you feel certain have been conquered in your life. Pride, believing you’ve got this, can and does lead to a fall (v. 12). Next, don’t think that you’re dealing with something no one else has ever experienced. In truth, any and all temptations come from a reliance on self, a desire to give in to self. Greed, lust, pride, jealousy, covetousness, they’re all about you. The lure is something that introduces some sense of euphoria or pleasure. Your pleasure principal might be different than mine but it all goes back to submitting to self. The enemy sets you up, he: puts an attractive woman in your path offering a massage, invites you to a party where there will be wine, leaves an open pack of cigarettes on the counter, sends you an email claiming some great sale, sends a hunk of a repairman to fix your shower. He has studied you well enough to know your switch, your I-might-sin-button. Yet, God will and always does, send a blocker, an escape. He reschedules the massage, puts your car in the shop, sends someone into the room, freezes your internet, or has someone call. Pay attention to your escapes, don’t blow through them because you’re choosing to act on the temptations. Leave those things that grip you (v. 14). You know what applies to you here and He’s speaking directly to you (v. 15).

Father, help us recognize the way out You provide each and every time and empower us to utilize Your escape routes. Thank You, Jesus! Amen.

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